At “Klarity by Klara” we’ve spent a great deal of time talking about the types of services offered and what goes into preparing for those services. I’ve shared insights into Derma-rolling/micro-needling, laser treatments, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and more. Often, in my desire to ensure that the consumer is fully informed and makes the best possible decision about their skincare regime I have gone into great detail about what’s behind these services. Despite this, most often what an aesthetician hears is: “Why are you so expensive?” So today, I want to talk about pricing and the old expression you’ve all heard before – “you get what you pay for!”
Many might not know or understand the amount of education, training and hands-on experience that goes into becoming a Certified Skin Care Expert. It actually takes a great deal of education, not just up front (before you ever start practicing) but continuously, throughout your career. As in many professions, things are often changing: new technologies become available, new methods of treating certain types of conditions are developed and general knowledge about the human body expands almost exponentially on a daily basis. This means your skin care professional/aesthetician is constantly upgrading his or her education throughout the year. Such training costs money. Most of us don’t get to go to school for free and neither do we! We pay for our courses, upgrades in education, for books and most of all, we pay very high prices for the newest and latest in technology that will help us to serve you better.

Experience. Here I will speak personally. I have many years of experience in the field and have treated a wide range of clients for just about every skin condition. This means I have a great deal of experience – “hands-on” knowledge that’s important for your safety and that provides me with the resources to know best how to treat your specific condition. Additionally, I’m a Certified Natural Health Practitioner meaning I have the ability to literally treat you “from the inside out.” I bring a breadth and depth of experience to your treatment that you simply will not find at a local “drop in and get your nails done” storefront.

Speaking of storefronts, if you’re dropping in somewhere, without an appointment, you are at the mercy of the technician with whom you are paired. As well, let’s just say the ambiance is not necessarily what you will experience. When you book an appointment at a spa with a licensed and certified professional you’re getting the location, and usually strict rules around cell phones, noise and children. You are coming for the full “spa experience.” Soft lighting, gentle music, licensed and trained professionals and industry-leading best practices when it comes to professional, medical grade level, equipment, and sterilization procedures. Yes, that’s right, our equipment is inspected constantly, we use only medical grade sterilization techniques and we also upgrade that equipment frequently, with your health and safety top of mind. We also pay significant fees for insurance and for licensing and regulation not just through Health Canada but through the many suppliers whose products we use. For example, if I am using a Derma-Roller, made by DermaSpark, they will have their own training, licensing and expectations of me as a professional – before I am even allowed to use their product. All of this costs money!

Most aestheticians, like me, get into this business because they have a passion for skin care and for helping women create great health and beauty routines. I know for me personally, having very problematic skin throughout my teens is what drove me to want to help other women with their skin. The ongoing research, annual retraining, understanding product formulations and what types of products to use for certain skin types, all of this is often technical, but fascinates me and is what drives me to turn that technical knowledge into a caring, skin care regime that helps you look and feel good. We work late evenings and weekends – we work around your schedule so you can still work and enjoy family time! It’s a crazy life and while I love it, I don’t do it for the money, but I do need to be paid for the services I offer. Most of all, however, I do all of this because, as I say in my soon to be released e-book: I help educate and empower women on how to look good and feel great – releasing their inner beauty and watching their confidence soar!

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