What’s the magic word?
It’s truth time for me. I just turned 46 and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m not a Botox gal and haven’t used fillers (at least not yet!) and I think I can confidently say that while my skin isn’t perfect – it looks pretty good. There are lots of reasons for this but one of the big ones is my commitment to the magic word. What is it? RETINOL.

The “Best of the Best.”
If you are looking for the very “best of the best” cosmetics ingredients, look no more because I’m happy to share with you that there is pretty much nothing better than RETINOL and it really does work like magic! First of all I must also say – of course – that my commitment to a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, a great skin care routine and staying away from the sun, are all a very important part of forming the foundation for my healthy skin. However, I am equally confident saying that science plays a role too. And science is proving that RETINOL works like magic.

What is RETINOL?
Well – there are about 120 positive benefits to using Retinol. I’m not kidding. The science behind this stuff is strong. Retinol is actually the technical name for Vitamin A. Retinol, hydroxy acids and Vitamin C are the only ingredients that have been proven to help with wrinkles and of these three, Retinol is “king” so it’s really a good thing for your skin. As a cosmetic ingredient, when Retinol interacts with your skin it converts it to the more active form “retinoic acid” and this is the strongest alternative you can obtain (outside of prescription options such as retinoids which are only available through a dermatologist or physician.)

What does RETINOL do?
• Retinol communicates with your cells. Retinol helps to “upregulate” the genes that make collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin and also activates the fibroblast cells that in turn help make collagen. At the same time it helps turn down the gene that make collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen. In other words, with regular use of retinol you should see less wrinkles, fewer fine lines and less hyperpigmentation. You skin will look brighter and smoother.
• Retinol also exfoliates. As our skin ages, so too does cell production. Retinol has great exfoliating properties that help rid the body of old skin cells and replace them with new ones, quickly! This too helps to improve wrinkles, skin texture and acne.
• Retinol will help to ensure that new collagen is being formed, helping your skin to become healthy and strong.
• Retinol is also antioxidant. It helps to neutralize the free radicals that destroy healthy cells.

Now that you know the magic word – considered the “gold standard” of skin care, you’re probably also thinking it’s time to introduce RETINOL into your skin care routine. For that – read my next blog on how to properly choose – and use – RETINOL at home!

As always, I’m Klara and I bring Klarity to the science of understanding your skin!”

 *Klarity with Klara writes blogs for general information purposes only and makes every effort to ensure any stated facts are well researched through credible sources, those sources are cited properly and that all information provided is current and accurate. However, we make no legal representation to this effect. 


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