Just when you thought you’d outgrown pimples!

If we told the truth many of us hated the teen years and for good reason. Bad dates, the terror of asking someone out, your first job experience flipping burgers and ….well….because of pimples! Unless you were very, very lucky, many of us had pimples to deal with so as teens and they caused us no end of problems. Now, with the teen years behind us, we thought we were finally safe. Not so! Sadly, many of the clients I see today are still dealing with problem skin and are looking for me to help them deal with adult acne.

For those who suffer from adult acne I bet you’d agree with me that you would do almost anything to eliminate it! The problem is, there is so much confusion around how to eliminate acne safely that many of the clients I deal with are putting their skin at risk by using poorly formulated products or questionable “quick fix” treatments that do more harm than good and dry out your skin in the process. So, with all that said, today I want to talk about treating adult acne, safely, properly and with maximum results!

  1. Without a doubt, the best place to start is with a great BHA exfoliant. Generally speaking, a skin scrub is not the best way to go because the simple truth is you can’t “scrub away” acne. However, a BHA exfoliant will cut through the oil inside your pores to KILL the acne. It will reduce bacteria and reduce the associated redness.

  2. Next up you want to invest in Benzoyl Peroxide, using formulations that are between 2.5% and 5%. What is important to remember here however is that Benzoyl Peroxide is only a SPOT TREATMENT.  It’s extremely effective in treating acne at its source, penetrating the follicle to kill problem bacteria and reduce inflammation. Just remember to use it sparingly and only on your spots, not your entire face!

  3. Finally, serving a “two in one” purpose, there is Retinol. It’s my favourite and is an important component to helping you both control breakouts, and preserve your skin for the future. Retinol is the technical name for Vitamin A and is truly an outstanding anti-aging and anti-inflammatory product.  It helps to provide control over acne breakouts and has proven anti-aging benefits as demonstrated through over 40 years of research. There are excellent over the counter formulations and prescription strength retinol products that you can ask for a recommendation from your dermatologist. There are concerns for some people that retinol can potentially aggravate your skin so I am very careful to always tell my clients to consult with a skin care professional first on when, how and why to use this product. There are various strengths and methods for using Retinol and it’s important you understand the differences. Accurate information is the key to helping people with their skin and from the very first day I started in this business my goal has been to help people achieve the best skin possible, by providing helpful, accurate information. You know why? Because you deserve it!

Have a great week everyone and remember – my goal is to help bring “Klarity” to the science of understanding your skin!

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