They say that “women age like fine wine”… Well, that’s debatable… Some age like fine wine, other don’t age at all.

We all know that one woman who looked the same for the past 20 years, and we all secretly envy her, her genes, her flawless skin, her radiant glow, and her unbeatable fashion choices!

How does she manage to fight the one thing we all have to face- aging?

Well, it’s fairly simple: the secret to avoiding skin aging, minimize wrinkles and fine line is NOT to expose your skin to sun and in the cases when you do sunbathe, to use a well-formulated sunscreen.

Spending great amounts on the latest anti-wrinkle serums and creams, alongside the latest anti-aging skin treatments is meaningless without using a BROAD SPECTRUM SPF.

Regardless of the season, sunny or cloudy, hot or dry, small sun exposure results in skin damage and it can add up over the years leaving us with dull, dry and creased skin. Exposure without a broad spectrum SPF protection, leaves your skin looking older, thicker, saggy and discolored with brown spots. In addition, the capillaries on the surface of the skin become thinner, break easily and become much more visible.


So what does a  broad spectrum SPF protection mean?

In two simple words: UVA and UVB.

The UVA is a silent ray of the sun that causes the skin to tan. The tan may look attractive , but it also causes free radical damage to your skin.

The UVB rays of the sun cause sunburn and damages in the skin’s genetic structure, causing mutations and abnormal growth patterns.

Medical boards and associations around the world recommend using a broad spectrum of at least 15 SPF. Of course, higher spectrums of 30, 45 and even 60 is better since most of us aren’t applying enough, but a good all year round protection starts with  SPF 15.

Besides choosing a broad spectrum, you should also educate yourself on choosing a well-formulated sunscreen lotion.

A stellar sunscreen that will nourish your skin and protect it from evil, damaging sun rays, has to have these 5 active ingredients in order to achieve broad spectrum protection:

1.zinc oxide

2.titanium dioxide


4.Mexoryl SX


If any of these ingredients are not listed, then you are not applying adequate protection, which can lead to increased health risks and premature skin aging.

Here is the final word on flawless skin and anti aging: Getting a little bit of color is not safe, and sun damaged skin is not pretty.

If your goal is to have healthy, younger looking skin, protect yourself every day!

For any questions about sunblock or sun protection, please feel free to send me an email at klara@healthybeauty.ca

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