While I’m always professional, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – sometimes I make faces! It’s hard to control my reaction when a client confesses that they use soap. Soap? “What,” you might ask, “is wrong with soap?” Frankly, it’s the one product you should never use on your face and when someone tells me they just hopped in for a quick shower and used soap on their face, I’m glad they can’t see my reaction. The truth is, a bar of soap is something that we really should avoid at all costs and today, I’ll share with you why soap isn’t as clean as you think.

The PH Factor
Many of my clients tell me they love that “squeaky clean” feeling they get after washing with soap and that their skin feels “tight” and firm. Firm skin is something we all lust after so it’s natural that you might think this is a good thing. To be fair, you’re skin is “squeaky” clean but that’s part of the problem – the high PH factor in a bar of soap is too high for your face and is actually stripping away the protective layer of natural oils and proteins (known as the “acid mantle”) from your skin. This is the barrier that helps maintain your skin hydration and without it, you are actually drying out your skin, making it more susceptible to dirt and damage. Plus, think about it – where else has that soap been? I mean, “Ew….” you’re using it on your WHOLE body right! But I digress…….

Bar Soap = Dry
Of the commercial bars of soap available at most pharmacies and big box stores, the average PH factor is between 8 and 10. Our skin’s natural PH factor is 5.5. What this means (and what we know from research to be true) is that using soap with a PH factor of 7 or more can actually increase the presence of bacteria on the skin. As well, all those “wonderful” ingredients that help that bar of soap maintain its shape are potential pore cloggers! They might smell good but they are stripping your skin, clogging your pores and drying out your skin even more than the worst of the winter weather we’ve experienced lately!

Cleansers = Clean
So what’s the real “key” to clean, healthy skin? Move away from the bar and embrace the cleanser. Switching to a very gentle cleanser – whether a gel, foam or milky consistency – will remove all your excess oil and make-up without stripping your skin. They key is to make sure it is a very gentle formula, with mild ingredients, fragrance free and water-soluble. Once you’ve rinsed you should feel no residue in order to know it’s truly an effective and gentle cleanser. I’m also going to let you in on another little secret most of my clients already know: you don’t have to spend a lot of money on cleansers – the most important factor is that it’s gentle. After all, most of it is simply being washed down the drain anyway!

Try it for yourself!
If you’re still unsure about what I am telling you – try it for yourself at home. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard positive reports from my clients after switching out their soap for cleanser. They tell me that it’s only after they stopped using a BAR of soap, that they finally both feel and understand the “clean” difference. Most clients did not even recognize their skin felt too tight until after they made the switch. Now, with lower PH factors and gentle formulas, they are experiencing clean without all the harsh, drying side effects. No need for me to make faces anymore – unless it’s a smiley face because I’m so happy that my clients are happy!

As always, “I’m Klara and I bring Klarity to the science of understanding your skin!”
Happy Washing!

 *Klarity with Klara writes blogs for general information purposes only and makes every effort to ensure any stated facts are well researched through credible sources, those sources are cited properly and that all information provided is current and accurate. However, we make no legal representation to this effect. 


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