No one likes to admit it but we ALL do it. Do what you ask? Pop Pimples.

Go on, admit it – you know you do it! At some point in our lives, we have all popped a pimple or two. We’ve also probably been told NOT to pop our pimples, most likely by our Mom’s and sometimes even by aestheticians. Nothing however, could be further from the truth. Sometimes, it’s not only ok to pop a pimple – but necessary.

Let me explain.

I often get asked whether or not it is in fact ok to pop a “zit” and my answer is yes. I do however prefer to provide my clients with some tips and tools on how to go ahead and do so, but correctly, and without the potential for damage and permanent scarring. There is a bit of an art to popping pimples properly – a few techniques that will help to minimize any long lasting after affects and here they are as follows:

  1. Always, always, always clean your hands first! The number one problem for many is that they don’t clean their hands first, potentially introducing bacteria inside your pores, leading to the risk for much bigger problems than just a blackhead or two.

  2. Next up, in addition to your hands, cleanse your skin and take the time to exfoliate. Use a mild cleanser and a non-abrasive exfoliant. Together, this will release any dead skin cells and clogged material from your skin before you even start. This could possibly reduce the “need” to pop anything and will also serve to soften your skin in the process.

  3. Only after these steps are done, carefully wrap your index fingers with tissue to cushion your nails and their impact on your skin. Make sure your nails are short!

  4. If you tend to be heavy handed or squeeze too hard, I would urge you to use Q-tips instead of tissues. Why? Quite simply, you won’t be able to press so intently so the risk of damage is even less.

  5. Gently (and the key word here is gently!) squeeze any blackheads, until all the sebum comes out.


If you find the sebum is not ready to come out, I urge you not to squeeze too hard. Rather, step away and leave that particular stubborn blackhead alone. I’ve seen far too many scars that are a direct result of someone really over squeezing and wreaking havoc on their face.  In fact, if the extracted area is red and inflamed it’s time to break out these tools for healing:

  • Tea tree oil.
  • Beta hydroxy acids – in gel format.
  • A little bit of Neosporin will always help to calm the redness.

Make sure you wash your hands a second time when you’re all done and give your face a rest before considering any make-up application.

So there you have it. “Pimple Popping 101,” lesson complete.  I don’t always say that you should go ahead and pop a pimple but when I do, make sure that you employ these tips and tricks so that you are minimizing any potential for lasting or even permanent skin damage.

Have a great week everyone and remember – my goal is to help bring “Klarity” to the science of understanding your skin!

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