There are so many skin treatments on the market today it can be overwhelming, confusing and just plain daunting to try and make sense of them all. How do we know which one is the best? If you could pick just one, how do you know which one to pick? Your money is hard earned and you need to spend it wisely. How do you recognize which treatment to spend money on that will ensure you see great results? Today, out of what feels like millions of treatments available, I am going to talk about just one, yes, only one, that you should consider paying attention to.

Previously, we’ve talked about the importance of a brilliant skin care routine to slow down the aging process. We’ve also talked about combining your routine with quality products full of naturally sourced and nutrient dense ingredients. But I wouldn’t be doing you any favours if I did not also mention how important that routine is when used in combination with a correctly chosen skin care treatment.

If you’re like me (meaning you are at that fabulous point in your life when you are 40+) you probably already know that regular facials don’t do much good for our overall skin health. Lets face it, our 20’s were 20 years ago and our skin isn’t what it used to be! Collagen production probably peaked around that age but now, in our 40’s, we need something more advanced to stay looking youthful.   The answer: MICRO NEEDLING. Also known as Derma rolling, needling, or skin needling, this is THE treatment of the moment and is a great example of when having a needle is actually A GOOD THING!

Micro needling is the relatively “new kid on the block” but is showing exceptional results. Quite honestly, it is the only treatment you really need. During the process, a small hand-held roller with tiny needles embedded in it, pierces your skin near the dermis. It’s essentially a “controlled wounding” of the skin that stimulates collagen production and helps create a plumping effect. It helps to improve the appearance, texture and look of your skin, including any acne scars or wrinkles you may have.

Micro needling is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types whether you have thin, oily, acne prone or even sensitive skin. Unlike with chemical peels or lasers, this type of a procedure is safe to use the whole year round as long as you always follow my advice and use a broad spectrum SPF every day.

Here is how it works: Prior to your treatment your skin will be thoroughly cleansed by the aesthetician and then a topical anesthetic cream will be applied. This will help to reduce discomfort during the procedure. When it’s all over you will go home with a red face and you might expect this blushing or redness to continue for as long as 24 hours. You may experience minor flaking (this is very common) but you are safe to resume your regular skin care routine just one day after your procedure. To support the healing process make sure your cosmetics products are full of state of the art ingredients like those we have talked about in our previous blogs.

Now, why is this THE skin care treatment we should be paying attention to right now and why are needles such a good thing after all? Because, while we are aging gracefully, our collagen production is slowing down and it’s the needles that kick start everything into high gear again. You will find the benefits lead to more youthful, “plump” looking skin and that these benefits can last for several months giving you that healthy glow we all seek. I’m not a fan of needles necessarily but this kind of needle is a good thing! I don’t know about you but I’m in……now who’s with me?!!!

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