This blog contains a special shout out to Mom’s everywhere who have said those infamous words “this too shall pass.” We moms have “been there and done that” and we know that all those terrible things we worried about in our youth eventually pass and that, in the grand scheme of things, they probably weren’t worth worrying about in the first place. It turns out Mom really does know best. What brought on all this talk about Mothers, apart from the obvious fact that Mother’s Day is almost upon us? It was a conversation with client.

Actually, it wasn’t just one client…it was many. You might notice from my profile picture that I am blessed to have pretty clear skin. Many of my clients over the years have commented on it. They are often generous with their praise and say things like: “Klara, your skin looks flawless, I’m sure you’ve never experienced any problems.” Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t always this way! I’m happy to share my story with you and basically it goes like this: it wasn’t always easy and I certainly didn’t have clear skin.

Entering into those dreaded teen years I had my fair share of teenage acne. In fact, I had quite a lot of it. I obsessed over every little pimple and the more I got, the more I worried. My mother always told me not to worry, that this would pass and I came to believe her. After all, she was my mother and she always knew best. Then we moved to Canada. I was 19 years old and maybe because of climate change or a change in dietary habits my skin grew even worse. I embraced the concept of make-up and wore lots of foundation in an effort to cover up the pimples and redness. It didn’t matter and probably, it made things even worse and I often had blushing red cheeks from dry skin that no amount of makeup could cover. Those were dark days.

I have lingering memories of spending hours in the bathroom squeezing blackheads and picking away at the acne, sometimes even going to bed crying because my skin was really starting to bother me a great deal. I was self-conscious and worried that my skin would never be clear. Deep down I wanted to be strong and my mother’s words “this too shall pass” rang continually in my ears. I tried to remember this advice when I was feeling particularly down and perhaps it was her continual reminders to be strong that led me to finally take control of my skin and take matters into my hands.

What my clients see now took plenty of hard work. It wasn’t until I began learning about skin, at a deep-down, cellular level, that I discovered the many secrets of luminous skin that I now share regularly in this blog and with my clients. My studies were (and are even now) extensive. I do a great deal of research and don’t rely on cosmetic company claims but rather, on my own ability to research, test and verify. So please believe me when I say to you I have been in your position and I know how it made me feel. I understand what you are going through but just like Mom asked me to trust her, I ask you to trust me. I’ve been there too and it WILL pass – especially if you spend some time with me learning all about how to achieve beautiful, radiant and luminous skin. You can and you will – my Mom was right – and so is yours!

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