Perhaps this has happened to you. You are a woman recently entering “the forties” and you are starting to notice unwanted changes to your skin and body. A little saggy “here,” a bit of extra weight “there.” Trust me on this one, it happens to the best of us! I’m over 40 too and keep telling myself it’s no big deal and that there’s no need to throw in the towel just yet. Turning 40 doesn’t need to be end of the world and it’s certainly no excuse to give up on looking your best. But what’s a girl to do when there are so many products and services out there trying to catch our attention? Don’t worry, Klara’s got your back and before you spend another hard earned dollar on yet another wrinkle cream (which you know by now from my posts won’t work) lets talk instead about the 3 most important steps you can add to your skin care routine that will immediately help make you both look youthful and reverse the signs of aging. (Hint: They have almost nothing to do with cosmetics!)

First, you want to make Retinoids your new best friend. What are they? Retinoids are a derivative of Vitamin A and include a range of compounds known variously as Retinol and Retinoic Acid.  Retinoids are considered the gold standard in cosmetic products and there’s plenty of scientific evidence to bolster claims that they help create healthier skin cells, provide anti-oxidant support, stimulate collagen growth and improve the look of aging skin.  Retinoids are even considered to help reverse the signs of aging, particularly photo aging. With consistent use, you will begin to see changes in your skin very quickly.

My second tip has to do with a treatment called IPL, that is: Intense pulsed light.  Those of you that follow me will know by now that I have several favourites but IPL is certainly near the top. In short, it’s a skin rejuvenation treatment that reduces fine lines and blemishes, fades freckles and age spots, smoothes rough, uneven skin and improves skin tone and elasticity.  The beauty of IPL treatment is that it can be used on your neck, face, back and chest. I confidently recommend this treatment to anyone because I know you will see amazing results.

Finally, tip number three for ensuring truly beautiful skin that radiates with the glow of good health is this: Now, more than ever before, as women in our 40’s we need to focus on good nutrition habits. Yes, it’s true. Good skin is a combination of both good nutrition and a great skin care regime. Sure we might get a little help along the way with a few good cosmetics tricks but bottom line, like we see everyday in the news, we need to be proactive when it comes to our health.  Eating properly will influence both our looks and how we feel. Eating the right foods to help promote smooth, luminous skin means a diet rich in clean proteins, high antioxidant fruits, good quality fats, dark colored vegetables and eating foods with a low glycemic carbohydrate content.

There you have it. By following these three simple “secrets” I am happily sharing with you today, the next time you pass a mirror you won’t be exclaiming in horror “what the heck happened,” instead you’ll be jumping for joy at what you see! “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” You are! Take good care of yourself and everything else will surely follow. Have a beautiful day and for all your skin concerns, message me, klara@healthybeauty.ca

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