Quite some time ago I talked to you, my faithful readers, about the benefits of a specific skin care program that virtually guarantees great results. What was it called? Micro-needling! You might be asking “microwhat?” If you are that’s ok because it’s a topic near and dear to my heart and this summer I want to take some time to look at past blogs, talk more about this procedure and revisit why I think it is such a great option for so many of my clients. Today we’ll talk about the benefits of micro-needling and next month – “the details” – when we’ll explain exactly what micro-needling actually is and how it works.

Micro-needling, sometimes called Collagen Induction Therapy, is a safe, proven and effective treatment that naturally boosts and facilitates the regeneration of your own skin! It actually stimulates your body’s own regeneration mechanism, encouraging cell rejuvenation and the formation of new, healthier, glowing skin. As a result of the process, micro-needling encourages the body to begin to rebuild both collagen and elastin, two of the crucial elements that help give skin youthful strength and elasticity.

Micro-needling should be done as part of your overall spa treatment and/or regular facial care routine. If done regularly, it will work wonders for naturally occurring acne scars. As someone who formerly used to suffer from very bad acne, I can share that it took me years to find a safe, affordable treatment that helped reduce the appearance of my acne scarring. Now that I am a licensed practitioner, delivering this service to my clients, I can confidently state that it’s likely to work well for you too! As well, this treatment is a very effective procedure for helping to alleviate both sun and age spots and additionally, it can help to reduce lax skin, fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, not long ago, a client who had lost quite a bit of weight (which can sometimes increase the appearance of wrinkles) wrote to us on social media about her positive experience. Micro-needling treatment will help improve firmness and elasticity and finally, perhaps more than any other treatment available, micro-needling has been shown to be very successful in treating hyper-pigmentation and evening out overall skin tone.

Micro-needling is safe, effective and long lasting. I am certified to provide this service right here in Toronto and I invite you to make an appointment, with me, today. Services are provided at the beautiful and calming Chi Spa in the Summerville neighbourhood. Come and experience for yourself the benefits of micro-needling! I can help you with this and all of your skin care needs. I’m Klara and my goal is to help bring “Klarity” to the science of understanding your skin!

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