Waiting on Pins and Needles for a Skin Treatment that Really Works?

Microneedling is the Answer You’ve Been Waiting For

Microneedling is a safe, proven, and effective treatment for facilitating skin regeneration. It is a completely natural procedure that stimulates the body’s own regeneration mechanism, encouraging cell rejuvenation, collagen and elastin production, and the formation of new, healthier skin cells. It naturally stimulates your skin’s healing process, which leads to strong, youthful, flexible skin. Both in the short, and the long term.

It alleviates sun and age spots, can make acne scars virtually disappear, improves firmness and elasticity, and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t just reduce the APPEARANCE of wrinkles, or make your skin LOOK stronger, and firmer; it actually makes your skin firmer, stronger, and wrinkle-resistant. Aiding you in the ability to age gracefully, and naturally retain healthy more youthful skin.

What Makes Microneedling So Special?

It is currently the ONLY skin treatment on the market that treats all 3 types of skin cell at the same time. Simply put this means that it targets skin strength & ability to protect itself, pigment, and healing skin damage all at once. It is also considerably less invasive, natural, and risk-free compared to other treatments. Not to mention incredibly cost-effective. It is also unique in its ability to improve the absorption of topical treatments directly into the skin, which gives you exceptional results.

Treatment Benefits in a Nutshell

There are many great microneedling benefits:

Safe, risk-free, and beneficial to almost every skin type.

Natural, chemical free, and utilizes the body’s own natural healing process.

Gives you stronger, firmer, more elastic skin; and prevents wrinkles.

 Causes scars, sun spots, and age spots to fade.

 Minimally invasive, without long term side effects.

 Great for sensitive skin areas (i.e. under eyes) where peeling or laser resurfacing can’t be done.

 Only skin treatment to target all 3 skin cell types at once.

 Affordable and Cost Effective.

 Rebuilds Collagen & Elastin at a rate higher than other treatments, studies show.

 Typically only Minimal Discomfort is felt, not deep pain.

 Improves absorption of topical treatments into the skin.

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How Does It Work?

The process involves using a small microneedling derma pen with very fine, very tiny needles, to create many virtually invisible punctures in the skin. Though it sounds a little frightening, it is comparable to acupuncture, and it is a minimally invasive treatment when carried out by an expert. It is typically not painful, but does cause mild discomfort during the procedure. There is no damage to the epidermal layer of the skin. When done correctly, there are no long-term side effects.

Microneedling Treatment

What to Expect Before, During, and After

As part of a professional full-service Collagen Induction Therapy Treatment we begin by applying a gentle numbing crème, and allowing you to relax and unwind while it works its magic.

Next your face will be carefully cleansed, to ensure no dirt, irritants, or bacteria are on your skin surface during the procedure.

Next, we use the professional quality derma pen for your microneedling treatment. The treatment itself takes a short time, and most people only report a slight discomfort when done with an expert.

Immediately after we apply a healing mask to the entire area that was treated, which will help protect your skin and accelerate healing while you relax for another 10 minutes. Then you’re done. In total, the in-spa treatment takes about 90 minutes, and overall it is a very meditative and relaxing treatment.

But that’s not the end! Microneedling can continue to benefit your skin for weeks after the treatment, that is why aftercare is such an important part of the process! It opens up your skin to better absorb vitamins, minerals, and other topical treatments.

However, it also can open it up to allergens and irritants if you do not know how to take proper care of your skin after the treatment. We will give you the tools to benefit, not only from the treatment itself, but in the long term as well.

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I Know How You Feel

My name is Klara Zaeni. I’m a Medical Aesthetician, Skin Care Expert, Certified Natural Health Practitioner. I have decades of experience in researching, and applying skin care techniques. I suffered from severe acne as a teen which led to scarring on my face and body. Even with the help of skincare professionals, nothing seemed to work, until I took my skin into my own hands and learned the science of skin care. When I finally found the solutions I had searched desperately for, I decided to share my knowledge with others who suffer like I did. And so I found my calling and career.

I only offer treatments that I know work, and that have the scientific evidence to prove it. I am honest about all the aspects of any treatment, and happy to answer any questions that you have! I never stop learning about skincare, and I am very happy to share my knowledge with you. My goal is to empower you, in the same way I was able to empower myself: with knowledge and with treatments that actually work!

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