You might be sensing a theme. If you read last month’s blog you will know it was on the topic of micro-needling, a skin care treatment that many of my clients are now trying. In that first blog we talked about what micro-needling is, along with some of the benefits of having this kind of treatment. Today, I’d like to talk in a bit more detail about how it works and perhaps answer some of the typical questions my clients have about the procedure.

Micro-needling, despite the name, is a relatively painless procedure performed as part of your overall skin care routine. My primary responsibility as your qualified skin care expert is to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout. I used only licensed medical grade products for this procedure and sterilization and proper tool management are paramount. There are two methods for micro-needling, the first involves a “pen” and the second, a “roller.” Different needle lengths are also a factor.

Here’s how it works:

  • A Derma Pen allows me to target very specific areas and to use various sized needles to achieve maximum benefit. It provides me some flexibility considering some areas of the face are more sensitive than others.
  • A Derma-roller offers a more “broad-based” approach. After skin evaluation I choose the size of needle best suited for your particular skin issues and the roller is then applied to the entire face.
  • Just how long are these needles? The length of the needle targets different types of scarring and varies between .5mm and 1.5mm for cosmetic purposes. Anything longer than a 1.5mm needle should only be used by a Medical Doctor and under surgical circumstances

As I mentioned previously, micro-needling takes place as part of an overall facial/spa experience. It’s important that you are comfortable, calm and relaxed. A typical treatment involves having your skin cleansed and exfoliated. A numbing crème is then applied and allowed to “set” for about 30 minutes – time to sleep! Next your skin will be sterilized with an alcohol treatment and then, micro-needling begins. At the end of the process a healing mask is applied to your skin for at least 10 – 15 minutes (more chill time) and finally, you are cleaned up and ready to put your best face forward!

The most often asked question is, “Does it hurt?” This of course depends entirely on the individual. I think it is fair to say that there might be some discomfort but not pain. Don’t forget, a numbing crème is applied and is typically pretty effective. Most discomfort seems to occur during those times when the more “bony” areas of the face are being rolled such as the nose or chin. Remember the length of the needles? To use a non-technical term they are pretty darn small and the procedure is considered minimally invasive so this is a long way of saying – it’s not too painful for most people!

Now you know the “how” of micro-needling! I usually recommend some downtime for clients after their treatment as they might experience some redness. In fact, if you can schedule your appointment in the evening, you have the perfect excuse for going home, grabbing a good book and a decaf tea and crawling into bed! If you would like to know more or book an appointment, I am located in the Chi Spa, in Toronto and I would be happy to help bring “Klarity” to the science of understanding your skin!

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