Friends – it’s been awhile since we last spoke and so much has happened, I can’t wait to share it all with you! My website has undergone a revitalization and so have my services! I’ve “seen the light” and in addition to the many excellent treatment options already available to my clients, I am now thrilled to be offering LED Light Therapy. This is a relatively new, pain free and comfortable therapy that helps address a variety of concerns ranging from wrinkles to teenage acne and everything in between. Used in conjunction with other services or as a stand-alone procedure, today I’ll explain everything you ever wanted to know about light therapy and its many benefits.

LED light therapy comes in two colours – red or blue. Talking about colours makes it sound a bit like buying frozen popsicles from the store, but we are talking about the colours of LED light therapy because each serves an important, and different, purpose. For those who are struggling with acne or have teenagers at home experiencing this problem, blue light therapy is what you need to ask for. It’s an excellent “acne-buster” and we’ll explain more about how it works in a moment. Red light therapy treatments on the other hand, appeal to those of us with a little more “experience” in life, in other words – older! Just like a red light forces traffic to come to a halt, LED red light therapy puts a STOP to wrinkles. But- I’m getting ahead of myself. Perhaps first, I should explain what LED Light Therapy is and how it works, then we can chat more about red lights and blue lights!

To put it simply, LED refers to “light-emitting diode.” It’s a tool that was originally developed by NASA and is designed not only to help all wounds heal faster but also, to reduce the amount of post-operative scarring arising from medical procedures. The light produces a photobiochemical reaction that acts in a manner similar to that of photosynthesis in plants. LED therapy has wide arranging applications including for use with sore muscles, joint issues or for those with chronic pain but for me, my sole focus is on how to use LED light therapy to make your face fabulous!

A facial should be a relaxing and indulgent experience AND it should also help replenish and rejuvenate tired, dehydrated skin. You should leave a facial treatment both looking and feeling better than when you came in! LED light therapy will help to ensure you look and feel your best by sending wavelengths of light energy (a beautiful, warming and radiant heat) into your skin, deeply penetrating through the epidermal layers allowing for maximum absorption. This absorption helps to restore your skins’ natural vitality. The blue light is perfect for acne because it helps to kill acne-causing bacteria while the red light reduces inflammation and strengthens cellular activity encouraging the production of collagen. Collagen is what gives your skin that young, natural and “plump-looking” healthy glow that I like to refer to as #goodglow!

Plan for your next visit to include LED light therapy whether as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with any of the many other treatment options offered at Klarity by Klara. I know you will be satisfied. Cutting through the jargon we provide simply great skin care. Go ahead, book your LED light therapy session today – it’s time for the #goodglow, time to let your inner light shine!


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