As I write, it’s still a little snowy in my neck of the woods but the promise of spring is right around the corner and with it comes the beautiful budding of flowers and trees. So much to look forward to and the urge to get outside and enjoy the weather is hard to resist! It’s my favourite time of year. It’s a chance to put on some lighter clothes and perhaps even show a little more skin! So, with that said, today I plan to talk about healthy and radiant skin for spring.

Before we start revealing a little bit more shoulder or leg however, chances are that for many of us, we are still dealing with dry and flaky “winter” skin. In fact, dry, flaky skin is often an ongoing problem for many of us and there may not be a significant difference between your winter and spring “skin regime.” What we want to remember most about great skin care is Exfoliation and Hydration. If you aren’t already doing both of these key steps, it’s time to make sure that spring is your excuse to “spring” into action and begin a new, healthier, skin care routine that includes both exfoliation and hydration.

Here’s what to do:


Most of you are probably thinking “I already have dry, flaky skin – why add to that with exfoliation?” The truth is,  if you are feeling a little raw and sensitive right now, your skin’s  barrier  is damaged. It needs to be repaired and introducing a mild and gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) is a fantastic way to begin the repair process. AHA’s are the underdog superhero of skin care. As long as you are using one formulated with the correct PH levels, a product with AHA is going to help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, slough away the dead skin creating renewal opportunities for skin recharging at a cellular level and to help your skin look firmer too. The acids are actually safer for your skin than any scrub or cleansing brush might be. Of course, cleansing away the dry layers will act as a perfect boost for hydration as you skin is now clean, clear and ready to receive a boost of moisture. Use an AHA product at night and be prepared to see results as early as the next morning!


After undergoing exfoliation it is absolutely critical that you moisturize. Hydration is key to boosting your skins immune response, its ability to repair itself and to fight the ravages of a dry, cold winter that is typically so hard on our skin. Now that your skin is exfoliated, it’s ready to receive all of the nutrients from a properly formulated moisturizer. A gentle, light, emollient moisturizer will work best and help to begin to both repair and boost your own ability to make healthy collagen and elastin. Moisturizer is smart and you’re smart too – if you put it to work for you!

Give your skin a hydrating boost for spring. There is no time like the present to repair the skin you’re in and start spring like a rosebud does – ready to blossom into the most beautiful, most radiant and most admired flower of all – the Rose. Wouldn’t you like to be compared to something so beautiful, valued and treasured? Think spring, think skin care, and think a new, more radiant you! As always, ask your skin care professional to help you find the best product for you. Goodbye snow – hello Spring!

Klara - Brining "Klarity" to the science of understanding your skin!

Klara Zaeni is a Skin Care Professional with over 13 year experience researching, working with and understanding the science behind healthy skin. Cutting through jargon, Klara brings "klarity" to helping women over 40, offering sound advice that's based on scientifically proven medical products and expertize. Klara accepts no money from cosmetic companies, personally selecting only those products she is 100% confident in using. Choosing to empower and educate her clients, and as a woman over 40 herself, Klara is the "real deal" when it comes to understanding how to help you both look and feel great.

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