To all of my lovely followers thank you for always checking in and taking the time to read my blogs where I endeavor to bring “klarity” to all of your skin care questions. With that in mind, it occurred to me recently that I have talked a lot lately about the damaging and dangerous effects of irritating ingredients in your skin care products. But what I haven’t talked about, and when I actually ask my clients this question, many don’t actually know what those skin care irritants might be! So, it’s time to “talk turkey” about what ingredients you should avoid and why. After all, when you come to see me (or any skin care specialist) you should be able to get answers to the questions you ask. You’re paying for good advice and great skin care so guess what lovely followers? You deserve it and you deserve informed answers too!

First, here is a little refresher on why irritants are so irritating! Essentially, irritants in our skin care products lead to inflammation. Inflammation is what leads, over the long term, to a breakdown of the skins own protective barrier. As well, skin collagen and elastin is also damaged and over time this impairs skins natural immune and healing responses. If that happens, bacteria then has easy access and rashes, redness and flaky skin are all possible end results. The never-ending cycle of irritation and inflammation will continue. What doesn’t continue is the normal cell communication process. What’s this? Typically, older dying cells will communicate to their incoming younger replacement counterparts, how to act. You know – it’s kind of a “like mother, like daughter” scenario. That is, just as you pass along life skills to your child – how to look, and act and behave – so too do skin cells pass along this same information to new cellular growth. Irritation and inflammation interrupts the cycle meaning your skin will never learn how to look and act young!

If I was to conduct a random survey I would say that it’s quite likely 10 out of 10 women wouldn’t know about this cycle or about what irritants are in their skin care products. So – now that you know why you need to eliminate irritants and how important it is to continue the cycle of “good” knowledge (for optimal skin regeneration) here is the most important part of this blog. Without further ado, the most irritating ingredients for skin are: (It’s a long list, you might want to take notes!)

Water that is too hot or too cold. Think Goldilocks and make it “just right.”

Sun exposure without SPF


Irritating skin care ingredients – to follow!

Drying cleansers

Scrubbing your skin too vigorously.


An unhealthy diet

Excessive sugar

And what are the most common ingredients in skin care products that are known to be irritants??

Alcohol and SD-alcohol

Witch hazel






Citrus oils







Sodium lauryl sulfate




Rose flower oil


If you take the time to review your current skin regime and see any of these ingredients in them, we should talk. It might be time to make a change and I would be happy to help show you how to get “Klarity” around your skin care regime. In the meantime, stay tuned for my next blog where I will actually address some of the best “Superstar” ingredients you WANT to have in your products because they fight inflammation and irritation! A younger, smoother, healthier looking you is possible. Take the time to take good care of yourself and everything else will surely follow. Have a beautiful day and for all your skin concerns, message me, klara@healthybeauty.ca

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