It’s that time of year where we close our windows, layer upon clothing and perhaps light a fire or two. We go out a little less, and with holiday celebrations, maybe we eat a little more. A pound or two of weight gain might be the result, and we’re not here to judge! However, we are here to tell you that all those closed windows, dry heat, and indoor time might actually cause problems other than weight gain, which is the problem of dry skin. So, today I will share how to “fatten” up for winter in a good way by making friends with fat. Yes, I said “friends” with fat. Here’s how.

Winter weather is brutal on our skin. The lack of humidity in the air combined with the harsh weather outside often leads to dry, itchy and red or flaky skin. When that happens, it’s essential to make friends with fat. By fat, specifically, I refer to good quality facial oils rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that help repair and maintain skin’s natural barriers. Facial oils like those containing jojoba, argan, almond, or coconut, safflower or olive oils are what you want to pursue. They will give your skin the ability to both repair and prepare against further damage. This might sound crazy, and I’ll be the first to admit it, but dry skin is not actually from a lack of water in the skin. Studies comparing water content in dry skin to normal skin found no significant difference. Healthy skin contains, on average, between 10 and 30% water. So, what’s the real issue? The main reason our skin becomes so dry in winter is that the outer layers are damaged. That damage comes as a result not just of winter weather but also from sun damage caused during the warmer months and due to hormonal fluctuations that happen throughout each month. Additionally, the continued use of the wrong type of skincare products, many with extra (and often irritating) unnecessary ingredients, adds to the ongoing problem of dry and flaky “winter skin.”

I recommend using facial oils in combination with your moisturizer to create and maintain that skin barrier that both protects and leaves your skin feeling smooth and healthy. Whether you use a single pure oil or a blend of oils like those, I recommended above is a personal choice. I most want you to remember to be consistent in what you use, how often you apply it, and even consider the time of day you complete your regular skincare routine. Finally, it’s imperative that you also avoid using fragrant oils like lavender, eucalyptus, citrus, or mint. These oils might smell enticing but do not have the same benefits and can be very damaging, often containing additional compounds that act as irritants and are potentially phototoxic to your skin.

Whew! That’s a lot of information to absorb. And speaking of absorption, now you don’t have to be afraid of FATS because we are talking about good fats and fatty acids that you can introduce into your skincare routine this winter without worry. It’s ok to absorb a little fat this year….whether around the holidays or the whole winter long!

Take good care of yourself, and everything else will surely follow. Have a beautiful day and for all your skin concerns, message me, 


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