Now you understand why we need to incorporate an exfoliant product in our daily routine. But that’s not enough information, Queen B! You need to know which exfoliators are worth your time. Let me then share my favourite exfoliator for outstanding results


Acids have been used for beauty purposes for millenniums. Over the years they have been perfected, and what we use today is a much better and more controlled product. In fact we have gotten so good with acids, that we have one for every skin type and any concern.

As we do not have time to get needy-greedy with all of them, here are my favourite two.

Enter… Acids AHA and BHA.

AHA (glycolic acid)

AHA ( glycolic acid) is preferred for sun damage and dry skin, without any breakouts, and that is because they exfoliate only on top layers of skin. It lightens spots, evens out scars, lessens wrinkles and keeps the texture of your skin bright and smooth.

AHA is a water soluble acid which, as research shows, stimulates collagen production, and increases the skin’s moisture-binding ability.

BHA(salicylic acid)

BHA is oil soluble, penetrating deep within pores and exfoliating skin cells from the inside. It dries up blemishes by unclogging pores and loosening trapped dirt and oil. BHA is best for oily skin, breakouts, and stubborn  blackheads. BHA also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits.

Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your AHA and BHA:

  • Experiment with different strengths to find out which one will give you best result without irritation;
  • Apply your AHA and BHA after you cleanse and tone your skin;
  • Apply your AHA and/or BHA before you use your moisturizer or your serum, eye cream or sunscreen;
  • Apply them around your eye area, but  avoid direct contact with your eyes and eyelid;
  • Possibility of some tingling sensation, or flaking for short term reaction can occur, in which case you should reduce the frequency of use or consider a less concentrated product.

Without a doubt acids are the best way to increase cell turnover and allow new cells to reflect light properly, which will give you the healthy, glowing skin you so adore!

Ask me about your current exfoliating products at klara@healthybeauty.ca

Have a beautiful day!


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