I know you love facials. They make you feel good, they make you look good, and they are good for you. If you are one of the facial faithful, I don’t have to “sell” you on the idea of a facial; you already know its benefits. BUT – if even you, the faithful, feel like the “simple” facial isn’t cutting it for you anymore (and you’re searching for something better), let me save you from going on too many blind dates and set you up with the ideal facial instead. What is it? It’s the full facial treatment!

What’s the difference, you ask? Well, first of all, I am not your cousin Larry setting you up with his best friend’s brother, who “is a really nice guy” (translation, balding and with a tattoo of his mother on his bicep.) No – we’re talking about setting you up with a qualified, experienced skincare professional who specializes in using unique tools and techniques to achieve a deeper exfoliation, maximizing the delivery of impressive results.

Located in Toronto, utilizing state-of-the-art micro-needling tools, I deliver a feel-good facial that packs a nutrient-rich punch providing glowing results. While it’s important to remember there are no “miraculous” ingredients or treatments, I can tell you that using a hand-held device that offers a deeper stimulation and exfoliation of your skin will make you feel like a miracle has occurred. The treatment, which typically takes around 90 minutes, will improve circulation to various layers of the skin, increase the flow of oxygen to your cells and reveal a healthier glow, improved skin tone and colour. Utilizing products rich in anti-oxidants and/or retinol will help boost collagen production while providing a healing balm after your treatment. The results? A younger-looking you!

You want results. You want a facial that not only feels good but works hard – stimulating the skin, boosting your self-esteem along with your skin. One that makes you feel like you don’t need to “settle” for cousin Larry’s recommended blind date. If you are looking for a new and unique treatment with an experienced skincare professional, contact me at skin@klarazaeni.ca anytime. I will take the time to explain the various facial treatments available and suggest the best treatments for your skincare concerns. Advice on how to continue caring for your skin at home, with products that work, comes with every treatment. Enjoy individualized attention by a trusted professional. 

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