Summer! It’s finally here, warm weather, sunshine, picnics and BBQ’s. What goes with all of these wonderful things? Swimming does! Whether you are dockside at the cottage and taking a dip in the lake, beachside at a beautiful Muskoka oasis or simply lounging around your own or a community pool – swimming is fun for everyone and a great way to cool off and enjoy a hot, humid summer day. Personally, I LOVE swimming and it’s also a fantastic form of exercise. Are there really any downsides to this summer “fun in the sun” activity? Well, perhaps just one. Swimming, particularly in chlorinated water, can really take a toll on your skin. So today, we’re talking about skin tips for swimmers.

Swimming actually strips your skin of its normal alkaline state. You know what it feels like when you finally do climb out of the water? Your skin feels dry and tight. That’s because normally, the PH of a pool should be around 7.4 and for your skin, a normal PH is around 5.5. That means that swimming is actually removing some of your skin’s protective barrier and that results in dry skin.  This is why you need to nourish and protect your skin as soon as possible after swimming. So – if you love to swim, here are my top four skin tips:

Step One:

After swimming, and as immediately as possible, wash your face with a mild hydrating cleanser that is free of any irritants. You want to remove as much of the chlorine as possible because leaving it to “sit” on your face is just causing further damage.

Step Two:

Help to restore your skin’s normal PH balance by applying an alcohol free toner. Clean skin will benefit from the application of a correctly formulated toner because it provides much needed hydration and nourishment. Make sure you have already done your research and/or referred to our past blogs on toners and lotions with the right combination of ingredients.

Step Three:

Treat your skin! Do something special for your skin by indulging in a luxurious crème mask. Anytime the skin is exposed to harsh things like the chemicals and chlorine in a pool, it’s a good excuse to apply a nourishing and hydrating cream mask that will help to restore balance and return your skin back to its normal healthy state. Cream based masks with cell repairing ingredients will provide the deep, penetrating moisture your skin needs and will also provide you with at least 15 or 20 minutes of soothing, relaxing downtime while you let the mask go through the healing process. After a busy day playing lifeguard to little ones, this might be just what you need!

Step Four:

When all is done and your skin is starting to feel good again, preferably while it is still damp, follow up your treatment with a moisturizer that is chock full of hydrating properties. Make sure it is gentle, contains hyaluronic acid and apply it generously! This will seal your skin with the extra boost of hydration it needs and help provide protection for the next time you head to the pool!

That’s it for your post-swim skin care. Canada is a wonderful country and the four seasons are a luxury many other countries can’t claim. But – it’s hard on your skin. Winter is harsh and that’s why we look forward to our summer and swimming, picnics and BBQ’s as much as we do. So don’t let a little extra skin care routine deter you from making a splash! Enjoy being poolside but when the day is done, make sure you do a little cleansing and moisturizing to repair the side effects of a day of poolside fun!

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