It might seem a bit of a cliché but it’s timely and true – many of us resolve to begin anew in the New Year. Whether it’s looking after our body through diet and exercise or our mental wellbeing through mindfulness and meditation exercises, we’ve resolved to “Be well.” What sometimes gets overlooked however is a resolve to look after our biggest organ of all – our skin! If you’ve decided to meet the New Year head on with a commitment to being well, make sure your skin is part of that commitment by incorporating my three easy skin care tips to help you achieve a younger, healthier looking complexion.

Let’s face it, when it comes to our face, we’re not getting any younger. It’s the New Year after all and that means another year older. Just because the number on the calendar says one thing however, doesn’t mean you face has to reflect that number. Here’s what to avoid in terms of the three most damaging things that make your skin look older:

1. Beauty shouldn’t hurt!

I can speak to point #1 personally because having experienced problem skin for many years I fell victim to skin irritants thinking they might help me. Skin irritants are any products that leave your skin red, flaky, overly sensitive or which cause any kind of rash or breakout reaction, even if only a temporary one. You might be thinking “no pain, no gain” but when it comes to your face that is not the case! Irritation immediately causes inflammation and inflammation is never good. Irritation and inflammation are your two “silent killers,” causing a breakdown in your skins natural ability to protect itself and damaging your natural collagen and elastin. Irritants also allow bacteria in rather than cleaning it out because they leave your face red, raw, flaky and dry – meaning it’s more open to the elements, and to bacteria. Be a friend to your face and eliminate these harsh, often harmful products from your routine.

2. Never go to bed looking your best! That is – remove your make-up first!

I get it, you’re tired, you’ve had a long day at work or perhaps you just had a nice night out on the town. Either way, you’re ready to “hit the sack” and taking time to carefully remove your make-up is the last thing on your mind. However, this one simple tip will save you a lifetime of clogged pores, bumpy, red or irritated skin and will also help with your laundry bill! How? Well who wants to wake up to dirty pillowcases, smudged by make-up and mascara? Leaving make-up on results in clogged pores and doesn’t give your skin cells the chance to naturally shed and regenerate. I can always see the damage for myself under the magnifying glass when a client comes in for a consultation. Just think of it like this: if not removing make-up is leaving residue and damage on your pillowcase, just think what it’s doing to your face!

3.Think summer sun is the only thing that damages? Think again. USE an SPF in Winter!

Don’t be fooled by cooler weather or cloudy skies. Winter can be even more damaging to skin than summer and I cannot emphasize this enough. We all know that sun damage is by far the most significant cause of wrinkles, damaged, older looking skin and can lead in some cases to skin cancer but did you also know that winter sun is just as damaging as summer? The sun’s rays are always around, even on cloudy days and in winter they reflect back off the snow as well. That blinding light as you ski down the mountain? It’s coming from the sun’s rays reflecting off the snow. Your skin is affected by both that damaging light and the cold, windy weather as your hurtle down the slopes. Perhaps you’re taking a vacation in the sunny south. Now your skin is being exposed to both the elements at home and then the strong sun of the south – talk about one extreme to the other! Sun damaged skin can be thicker, look older, become discoloured and is more prone to wrinkles. Make sure you ALWAYS use sun protection and make sure it is a broad-spectrum lotion that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

There you have it. For a new year and a new you just follow these three simple skin care suggestions and you’ll enjoy looking renewed, looking younger and having beautiful clean and clear skin. It really is that simple. Take the time to take good care of yourself and everything else will surely follow. Have a beautiful day and for all your skin concerns, message me, klara@healthybeauty.ca

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